In July I took the train up to beautiful Edinburgh to attend the EuroPython 2018 conference. Despite using Python professionally for almost 8 years, this was my first experience of a Python conference. The schedule was packed, and it was challenging deciding what talks to attend, but I had a great time and enjoyed the strong community feeling of the event. We even went for a group run around Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat, which I hope is included in the schedule for future years.

Now that the videos of the talks have all been published, I wanted to share my personal highlights, and list the talks I saw during and since the conference. I still haven’t caught up on everything I wanted to see, so I’ve also included my watch list. First, here’s the full playlist of talks from the conference

Here are my top picks from the talks I either attended or have watched since:

I also wanted to highlight the following lightning talks:

Here is a list of the other talks I either attended at the conference or have watched since:

Here’s my list of talks I have yet to watch:

Were you at EuroPython 2018? Let me know if you have any favourite talks that aren’t already on my list! I’m keen to attend again next year, if my travel schedule allows for it.