I was a little disappointed to discover that Jekyll doesn’t offer a way to view all posts with a particular tag. Fortunately there’s a comprehensive library of plugins, including jekyll-tagging, however as I was letting GitHub pages take care of building my site, I was limited to the list of supported plugins. To work around this, I moved from a User Pages site to a Project Page site so that I could use separate branches for the source and generated content (User Pages only allows the master branch to be used). Then, I found the neat jekyll-github-deploy tool, which builds the site and pushes to the gh-pages branch. So now each post includes a list of tags, and each tag links to a page listing the posts associated with that tag.

In making this change I’ve decided to drop the categories that were previously associated with posts, as I believe the tags are much more useful. Unfortunately, this means that my permalinks have changed, but seeing as this blog is less than a year old and has less that ten posts I’m not too concerned.