Hopefully Selenium Grid 1.0.5 will soon be released, with the much anticipated self-healing features that will save me so much time when RCs go AWOL. Looking further ahead, I would like to see some minor improvements to the Selenium Grid Console such as integrating this very handy Greasemonkey script for unregistering Remote Controls and sortable columns. Below is a quick mock-up of how the console could look with these simple changes.

Selenium Grid Improvements

The above changes I’m pretty confident I could make myself, but after trying to get Selenium Grid with a resource handler for a couple of hours I decided instead I’d mock it up and make a public plea for these changes!

While I’m at it, something I’m less certain I’d be able to do myself is add the queued requests to the console with the ability to delete them. It’s not uncommon for someone to fire off a test suite and when the first few tests appear to be failing, cancel the process. Unfortunately this means that several RCs are unable to complete, and Grid still has pending requests. In the past I’ve started X number of RCs in order to consume the remaining requests and then kill them, however I usually just restart the Grid and all RCs. Below is an idea of how this could look in the console.

More Selenium Grid Improvements