The first London Selenium meetup took place on the 11th November. If you weren’t able to make it then due to the success I will be scheduling another one early in the new year.

First London Selenium Meetup Event

From the feedback I’ve received it seems people would like some sort of presentation or demo at the next event. If you would like to volunteer to talk at the next event please get in touch via the group page. Please also get in touch if you have suggestions for a venue, or suggestions for topics that you’d like to hear about.

Some suggested topics are below. Soon I will combine these with any other suggestions into a poll to see what is most popular. You can make further suggestions by responding to this message.

  1. Stop pausing - testing AJAX with Selenium by waiting instead of pausing
  2. Minimising impact of UI changes using the UI-Elements map
  3. Introduction to locating elements by XPath and CSS
  4. Integrating Selenium tests into a continuous build
  5. Battle of the testing frameworks - what’s available and how to choose
  6. Selenium in the Grid - How to get Selenium Grid working, and how to test in the Cloud
  7. Selenium vs QTP - What are the main differences? The pros and cons of each
  8. Selenium 2.0 examples - Demonstration of what’s available in WebDriver/Selenium 2.0
  9. Introducing Selenium to an organization. Challenges, steps, selling Selenium to management
  10. Testing best practices
  11. How to balance effort required to create tests with benefits

You can see a few photos of the first meetup here. I have also set up a poll asking Should we have name labels for future events?

Clear Cube Consulting Cloud Testing

Finally, I’d like to once again thank the sponsors Paul Humphreys from Clear Cube Consulting & Phil Smith from Cloud Testing for their support by providing venue and refreshments costs for the first event. I hope they benefited from the event as much as everyone else!