Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon 2015

On Sunday I completed my first ever marathon, and I did it in under 4 hours! It’s only just sinking in what an achievement that is! When I signed up for it last year I predicted a finish time of under 5 hours, but after following a sub 4 training program I started feeling that I could actually do it.

I don’t have any other marathon experience to compare it to, but it was an incredible event. I’d like to thank everybody that helped to organise or came out to support the runners – even those saying we were nearly there before we hit the halfway point, or saying we were halfway at the 18 mile marker! There were times the support really helped – In particular those last 4 windy miles along the river. A special thanks go to my family and friends that cheered me at the start, at the 10 mile marker, and at the end. Also, thanks to my family for putting up with all those long runs during my training.

Inevitably I’ve already been asked about my next marathon, but I’m going to allow myself to recover before I give it too much thought. I have already entered the ballot for next year’s London marathon though, so who knows…

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