Improving Selenium IDE

I’ve been working on a new formatter plugin for Selenium IDE, and along the way I discovered some quirks (not necessarily bugs) in the code. After a few discussions with some of the Selenium community, I decided to get stuck in and see if I couldn’t make some improvements. In the interest of sharing my experiences, here is what I did.

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Get a new iPhone with help from Selenium

I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone 4 ever since the 3GS was released, as I was in contract at the time and decided to wait another year for whatever Apple decided to release next. Due to unexpected (but very cool) circumstances, I was out of the country on the day Apple released the iPhone 4 and so was unable to queue up for one of the devices, and now due to the demand it’s very difficult to get hold of one. Since getting back to the UK I have been visiting my two nearest O2 stores to check if they have had a delivery, and today they pointed me towards their online stock checker…

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