Reporting test results to Treeherder

Many of the web and services automated tests at Mozilla run in Jenkins, and until recently our instance was public. This meant it was easy for both paid and volunteer contributors to discover test failures, file issues, and provide fixes either for the tests or the projects they serve. Unfortunately, just like any software, Jenkins has had some security vulnerabilities. Last year, one of these prompted us to remove public access to our instance.

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Lessons from mentoring

Now that my first two mentoring experiences have come to an end, I wanted to reflect a little on the experience. Before I do, I want to say that I’m incredibly proud of what Justin and Ana were able to achieve this summer. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to mentor such talented, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals. I hope they feel they’ve learned something of value during their projects – I most certainly have!

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Firefox Cufflinks

The custom made Firefox cufflinks have arrived! I’ll be working out shipping costs, and posting them out this week.