Mozilla drops usage of Selenium RC

I thought this was important enough to share in a short blog post… Just 10 months ago, Mozilla started to migrate their Selenium projects from the Selenium RC API to the WebDriver API. I’m thrilled to say that this is now complete, and that no Selenium RC projects are actively being run or maintained!

4 thoughts on “Mozilla drops usage of Selenium RC”

  1. Good work, I’ve just got back into selenium recently and find web driver to be a slightly more tricky beast but a lot note flexible once you are there.

    Fancy sharing your experience with the migration?

    1. Hey Damian! There were several people involved with migrating the various projects. From my experience it was relatively painless, as the WebDriver API is much improved over Selenium RC. Having decent page objects in place also meant that a lot of the migrations happened with little or no changes to the tests themselves. I’m aware of a few issues involving native interactions with WebDriver, however these weren’t available at all with Selenium RC so it’s still better than what we had before. All these issues will be worked out sooner or later. If you’re interested in more migration stories, I would suggest popping into #mozwebqa on Also, many of the team also hang out in #selenium on freenode too.

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  3. > I thought this was important enough to share

    definitely an important milestone to share, considering Mozilla’s contribution to the Selenium project.

    I did a (Python) framework migration from RC->WebDriver about a year ago, and have been writing tests using Python and WebDriver exclusively since. It is very nice to work with. I’m glad to see there is a common path forward in open source web testing.

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